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Welcome to RutherfordMakeup.com, the online home of Don & Deborah Rutherford’s make-up portfolios!

In 1991, as young musicians, we first met and soon after started our band “Holy Water Water. The music industry was changing, and we knew it was time for a career change. As we both were artists, Don suggested that we go into make-up. Soon we were working on “Planet of the Apes” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Trading in the Valley for the Woods

We then left Hollywood and headed for Georgia, trading in the valley for the woods!

Our 25 years as make-up artists have at times been adventurous and exciting, but also at times filled with struggle and heartbreak. One of life’s most significant opportunities is how we deal with adversity, and if any field has it, this one indeed does.

In the future, we hope to provide you with some of our stories (if you ever spend time with us, you know we have lots of stories). We would also like to share some of our favorite products, books, and detailed notes on some of our make-up in films and television.

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With love & blessings,

-Don & Deborah

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